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WordPress.Org Vs. Key Differences You Need To Know

If you’re a small business owner (or any business owner for that matter), then you’ve probably quickly figured out that an online presence is an absolute must. Creating a website has many benefits – like sharing your brand’s story, giving the option for online purchases, generating leads, etc. Chances are high that you’ve come across … Read more

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3 Ways To Quickly Start Selling Your Local Products Online

The current situation is certainly unprecedented. Here in the UK, hotels, bars, gyms and high street shops of all descriptions are closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Many businesses are “on pause” praying that the lockdown will lift sooner rather than later. With staff still on the payroll and being paid through “furlough”, many companies … Read more

Working at home

Working Remotely Is A Challenge

I’m lucky enough to be one of those people that just find technology fascinating and not frightening. By embracing technology over the years, I’ve found that I’ve slowly migrated a lot of my day-to-day business communications to the “home environment” much to the consternation of my wife and family. With me “bringing work home” I’d … Read more

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Website Design Process

I thought I’d write up a short article that explains how I go about processing a website design project. In the early stages, it’s really all about establishing why the client feels they need a new website or to improve a website they already have. It’s important to figure out what measurable results the website … Read more